Rimbawan Gerilya VS Suedehead

Promotional video art for Suedehead Shoes. Clips were taken using Contour Cam while I was in Bali to meet the other Rimbawan, Kas.

Far East Movement Promo Video

Rimbawan Gerilya was commissioned by Sentra Live, the promoter for Far East Movement Meets Jakarta, to make a 30 and 15 seconds promo video for multimedia and broadcast.

Experimental Video Using Far Cry 2 Editor

This is the second time I used Far Cry 2 as visuals. But this time there's no gun in the screen cause it's recorded from the level editor. I've spent an afternoon on this, so not much achieved. Will try to do something with a better concept later.

Back In The Days NYE 2011

Some of the visuals for Future10's Back In The Days new year's eve party at Dragonfly.

The Score Anniversary Video Mapping

Visual bits from The Score anniversary featuring Boyce Avenue on 2010.

Video of Headhunter at Proper

Twixtored slow motion video of Headhunter mixed in Resolume 3.

STEP THRU, Proper's Birthday Flyer

Skink Skank Skunk Flyer

24/7 is having a new monthly event. Rimbawan Gerilya made the flyer for this first gig.

PROPER Halloween Video Teaser

We're having Headhunter for Halloween this October! This is the first time I use Cinema4D after few days of learning the basics. I think I'm gonna like this 3D app.

Live VJ Recording

After 2 years of envying those using Modul8 with Mac computers, I finally able to play in the same level using Resolume 3. Here's a recording of live VJ-ing using Resolume 3. Music is Sleigh Bells "Crown on The Ground".

Djarum ISL Bumper

A collaboration between Rimbawan Gerilya and Ripcons. Comissioned by Zentha.

Poor Man's 3D Animated

Originally a still 3D artwork. Figured why not make a moving one since it was already in 3D. Here's the link to the original Poor Man's 3D post.